Translations From The Dreamtime is perhaps the most comprhensive divination system to surface in modern times. It allows for virtually infinite possibilities with little or no chance of ever producing the same reading twice. And yet it is elegantly elemental with nothing more than a magnificent game board, a handful of tokens, and a beautiful manual.

All the components are based on the shamanic applications of 21 sacred trees and shrubs indigenous to the Britsh Isles. Translations From The Dreamtime is an outgrowth of more than thirty years of research and a companion to Ancestral Airs, The Compendium For Spirit Handling, and other extraordinary works.

Translations From The Dreamtime is highly entertaining for the novice while profoundly savvy for experienced practitioners. It can be exponentially expanded when The Compendium For Spirit Handling is incorporated into a reading simply by adding a second set of tokens from which to draw or using the Compendium as an additional reference. By doing so it is unlikely that the number of divination possibilities could ever be assertained. Utterly amazing.